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Terrarium Team Building Workshop

Perfect for team building, away days and client entertainment, Plant Vibe workshops are a fun way to help your team destress, reconnect and recharge – and learn about nature while doing it!

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Team Wellbeing in a box

All kits are inspired by nature to bring teams back to their favorite places in the world.
Each kit is curated with an essential oil and playlist that matches the vibe.


Kit themes are inspired by nature

Essential Oil

Each theme is paired with a scent


A playlist curated to the vibe you want

Benefits for your Team

Reduce Stress & Overwhelm

A study conducted by the American Psychological Association revealed that employees who participated in stress reduction programs as part of corporate wellness initiatives experienced a 25% reduction in stress levels.

Increase Employee Retention

The Society for Human Resource Management found that organizations with wellness initiatives saw a 25% decrease in employee turnover compared to those without such programs. This highlights the positive impact of corporate wellness on employee satisfaction and loyalty

Promote Workplace Wellbeing

A survey conducted by Virgin Pulse found that companies with strong wellness programs witnessed a 36% increase in employee morale. By prioritizing employee well-being and showing a genuine concern for their physical and mental health, organizations can cultivate a culture of positivity and motivation.

June Palmer, 2023, 11 Eye-Opening Statistics That Prove Corporate Wellness is a Game-Changer,  April 2024,

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Live online or pre-recorded

Team Building Workshps

Terrarium Team Building Workshop

Get together with your team online or in person to build your terrariums together.

Aromatherapy Workshop

Explore the world of Aromatherapy in one. of our workshops to improve your health and mindset.

Terrarium Theme Vibes

Mix and match themes for your terrarium workshop

How it works

Get in touch for your booking details

Get in touch with us to find out pricing, and group discounts. We will send you our brochure with all of the details and pricing.

Choose your workshop

We have two workshop options available for your team depending on time, budget and desired outcome for your team.

Receive your order

You will receive your order either in one box to one location, or sent directly to your participants. Then on workshop day, we’ll all get together on a virtual call and build our kits in a relaxing and fun environment.

What our clients say

Everyone had an AMAZING time!

Our team did a virtual terrarium building class with DJ from Plant Vibe and everyone had an AMAZING time! Our kits were so cute, and had the perfect amounts of everything. DJ was an incredible host, taught us how to plant our new little plant babies, and gave us some tips for plant care. Would highly recommend, especially for remote teams!

– Alexandra

Love the plant kits!

They’re very fun and enjoyable to do with colleagues over a Teams meeting. The box arrived with everything you need, including an instruction booklet that is very easy to follow. DJ is cool and fun, leading the social event. Would recommend doing this activity with everyone! Who knows, you might discover your inner calling for succulents.

– Hana

So much fun!

Our team did a session with the Plant Vibes team and it was so much fun! The terrariums are super cute.

– Adelaide

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