The Spring Collection

Celebrating the beauty of spring! Freshen up your space with Lavender or Laurus Nobilis

Kits for Kids

These kits are great to make with your kids or friends and family!  Make your kits together in person or over Zoom!

Virtual Terrarium Building for Groups

Enjoy making these kits together with your friends, family or co-workers as we lead you through via Zoom.

Plant Vibe DIY Terrarium Kits

What’s so unique about a Plant Vibe kit?

You have a large variety of themes to fit the vibe of your space! Our kits include an essential oil sample of your choice, turning your terrarium into a diffuser!

Kits for any occasion

Whether a family party, a fundraiser or a special gift there is a kit for everyone and any occasion.

Single Kits

For those looking to enjoy making a kit for themselves or join a friend or two. 

Group Kits

For those looking to order 6+ kits. Discounted prices and instructions on how to do the workshop together over Zoom!

Our Collections

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