Jurassic Kit


The Jurassic Kit comes in a 4.9” glass bowl that takes you back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The colours provided are neutral and jungle-like, making your terrarium look like a prehistoric habitat. Paired with Peppermint essential oil, this kit is sure to liven up any room!

If this kit is for a child or to be built with a child, we suggest using Lavender as this oil is safe if any should get on your skin, whereas peppermint needs more caution. For more information about oils and how to safely use them, click here.

Comes with

• 4.9″ Glass bowl
• Succulent similar to the picture
• Decorations
• Reindeer moss
• Gravel
• Soil
• Charcoal
• Terrarium tool kit
• Plant care instructions
• Peppermint or Lavender essential oil sample

Lavender is a wonderful blend of fresh, floral, and clean, bringing a calming vibe to any room. This oil is also great for kids as it ok to use topically without any carrier oils.
For more information about this oil and its uses, Click here
Peppermint is a familiar scent creating a stimulating and focused environment, perfect for an office or study room.
For more information about this oil and its uses, Click here


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