Group Kits

Connect with one another while making a succulent terrarium kit online or offline!

Make your kits together virtually or in person.
(up to 30 participants).

About the workshop

One of our friendly staff will virtually guide you through a relaxing and enjoyable terrarium-making experience that offers fun and therapeutic value. Have your group choose their kit from the 21 different vibes available!

What’s Included in the Kit

• Purchase your kits (min 8) in one order to qualify for the group discount
• 4.9” Glass Bowl
• Succulent
• Gravel
• Charcoal
• Soil
• Decorations
• Skewer
• Watering glass
• Essential oil sample
• Care instructions
• How-to video & instructions
• Private Facebook group access

Group Kit Requirements

• Purchase your kits (min 6) in one order to qualify for the group discount.
• Discount will automatically apply to your cart
• Orders over 20 kits must be ordered 2 weeks – 1 month prior to the event
• If your group is in different locations and you would like the kits shipped to each house, use the form below to send us an email with a list of your group’s emails. We will send our coupon codes to each person. They will then be able to checkout themselves with the discounted price and the kit will be shipped direct.


Regular pricing $35-$45 per person, discounted per quantity. Discount will automatically apply in your cart.

Quantity Discount (%)
6-10 7
11-19 12
20+ 18


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